The quintessence of the Alsace vineyard

Sweet, powerful and voluptuous wines with aromas of honey and spices, exotic fruit compotes, fig, dried apricots...with notes of over-ripeness and concentrated fruit.

Some years, the late season is cool and damp enough at night and hot enough during the day, to delay the harvest beyond the normal grape-picking period. Under these conditions, the Late Harvest produces grapes that have over-ripened thanks to the development of the noble rot "Botrytis cinerea". The rot concentrates the sugar and the flavour in the grapes through the evaporation of water.

Grains nobles

Sélection Grains Nobles is only made when the conditions are absolutely perfect. Specific weather conditions ensure a concentration of grapes with noble rot. The grapes are harvested and sorted as they ripen and become more concentrated. The concentration renders the grape's intensity more discreet in turn providing more strength, complexity and a remarkable length on the palate. - Réalisation Koredge

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