Klevener d‘Heiligenstein

Alsatian appellation with a particular typicity, it is supplemented by the local geographical name. The grapes come exclusively from the territories of the municipality of Heiligenstein (near Obernai, south of Strasbourg).

  • Nose: Rich in fruit, gently smooth, it exhales a penetrating floral bouquet, very subtle.
  • Palate: Dry and full-bodied wine, a cross between the acidity of a Riesling, the aromatic strength of a Gewurztraminer and the opulence of a Pinot Gris, this is a curiosity to be discovered…


Rouge d’Ottrott,

Situated at the foot of Mont St-Odile, in the foothills of the Vosges with a southern/southwestern exposure. Ottrott has a terroir that favours the culture of the vine with plots older than 30 years, where the grape variety Pinot Noir is king. It gives rise to a red wine of great renown: the Rouge d’Ottrott. It is the expression of a red wine of character which makes it stand out from the classic Alsatian Pinot Noirs.

  • Colour: Trimmed with an elegant ruby colour
  • Nose: Notes of cherries and flowers
  • Palate: On the palate, this flourishing and complex cuvée reveals something great.




A distinguished wine guaranteed to have a unique personality

Know-how of a great technology for a unique wine in Alsace

This unique white wine, stemming exclusively from the Pinot Gris grape variety, is the result of a plot selection of 120 acres of vines harvested manually a week before the optimal maturity of a classic Pinot Gris to match the desired organoleptic profile.

Upon arrival at the fermenting room, the grapes are destemmed and crushed before being loaded into the wine press. They macerate for 48 hours to extract the unique aromas of this grape variety with a pink skin which gives it this elegant colour.

  • Colour : Unique salmon colour
  • Nose : This wine presents intense and fresh aromas of English sweets in which are expressed notes of pear, peach, citrus and strawberries.
  • Palate: The attack offers volume with the impression of crunching into citrus and finishes with lemony aromas.












Gamme Hansi

The wines and crémants of Uncle Hansi honour the celebrated illustrator Jean Jacques Waltz also known as «Hansi» or «Uncle Hansi» born in Colmar in 1873. A brilliant illustrator, caricaturist and watercolourist, Hansi is the most popular artist from Alsace.

His drawings include the portrayal of children. They are very modern representations of an Alsace proud of its traditions, and the qualities of its terroirs and its products.

Uncle Hansi, who passed away in 1951, makes us share his love for Alsace through his books, engravings, posters, advertisements and signs. He was able to impose the colours of Alsace far beyond its borders.

To pay him tribute, the House of Arthur Metz has designed specially an exquisite range of wines and Crémants d’Alsace to highlight the typicity of the Alsatian terroir. Creator of wines and Crémants since 1904, Arthur Metz is known for its authentic know-how and the particular attention paid to the quality of its vines.

The Hansi range encompass the elegance and fruitiness of 6 grape varieties; the fine effervescence and the delicate fruity freshness of 3 Crémants d’Alsace.

♦ Wines

The drawings made by Hansi are very modern representations of an Alsace proud of its traditions, and the qualities of its terroirs and its products. These wines are worthy ambassadors of the Alsatian terroir. Fruity and elegant, they offer the best of their balance and owner harmony.

♦ Cremants

The diversity of Hansi Crémants d’Alsace allows them to accompany all great moments.

Their light bubble embodies the essence of conviviality and friendship, but they are also suitable for the intimacy of a heart-to-heart.

The Crémant d’Alsace is the go-to wine at parties. The Crémants of Uncle Hansi prevail as an aperitif, alone or with appetisers, shine at table, particularly with seafood, salmon, shellfish, white meats and game, combine harmoniously with most desserts and always provide the majestic crowning to a meal.


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