Michel Leon

Cuvée Michel Léon

By making an exclusive Cuvée named Michel Léon, the House of Arthur Metz pays tribute to a famous Alsatian winemakers’ family. Michel was the founding father of this family-owned company in the 19th century. Léon, his great grandson, was the one with whom the family story ended, by selling the company to Arthur Metz in 1991.

The wines of Michel Léon are the result of a rigourous plot selection to translate the particular expression of a terroir and a grape variety. This selection allows us to shape and enhance the personality of our wines. This Cuvée signed Michel Léon includes wines of remarkable quality from a good aromatic finesse to complex and distinguished character; they will be the ideal companion to the finest of your dishes.


Old Vines (Vieilles Vignes)

The Arthur Metz Old Vines range offers wines with appealing aromatic complexity, surprising structure with body and fleshiness, and a mineral edge that comes from the advanced age of the vines.

Arthur Metz Old Vines wine is the result of rigorous selection of plots that enjoy ideal sun exposure and very specific soil. The advanced age of the vines (between 25 and 45 years old) imparts a very particular concentration and richness.

This range presents wines with dense, complex, powerful, mineral, spicy and silky bouquets with an appealing long finish, an expression of their original terroir. They are gastronomic gourmet wines par excellence.

The Old Vines wines improve over time thanks to their exceptional balance of acidity and alcohol. Pure delight, a genuine "guilty gourmet pleasure".



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