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Gamme Sélection

In order to offer you a range of wines the quality of which is attested year after year, we have created a range of wine awards, a gauge of quality

The classic range rebroadcasts the unique characteristics of each Alsatian grape variety with elegance. These are aromatic wines with a great freshness, which adapts easily to gastronomy.

Alsace wines are wines of gastronomy par excellence. The aromatic profile of each Alsatian grape variety adapts perfectly to a wide selection of food. The diversity of Alsace wine allows them to be honoured at a great variety of occasions : delicate and refined to mark the more solemn moments of life, full of aromas to bewitch your guests during the aperitif, simply refreshing for all gourmet moments. Have an Alsace wine for every occasion!

Through its elegant "Sélection" range, the House of Arthur Metz translates the typical characteristics and aromatic richness of each of the Alsatian grape varieties, from the driest to the creamiest. They are tailored to delight your taste buds and offer a genuine sensory adventure of fruitiness and harmonious aromas. Arthur Metz's team of oenologists selects the grapes and plots in line with wine-making's great traditions, to transpose all the emotions of Alsace wines for your enjoyment.

Gamme Bio

The grapes are grown with natural nutrients, guaranteeing a respect for the environment.

The grapes come from partner vineyard owners who have been growing organically for many years. The plots are located in the villages of Dahlenheim and Balbronn, in the heart of the "Couronne d'Or" in the north of the Alsatian wine region.

The organic Riesling and Gewurtzraminer Arthur Metz wines are made with grapes grown in marly-calcareous and clay-loamy soils which add a certain complexity. The hillsides where these vines grow receive the optimal sunshine to reach the required ripeness. This type of soil gives the wines a typical roundness and fruitiness that is characteristic of these grape varieties.


  • Colour : Pale yellow with green tints
  • Nose : Floral, mineral, fruity notes (white orchard fruits)
  • Palate : Pleasant, soft attack, good acidity which provides an appealing length. The floral notes (peach) add complexity to the palate


  • Colour : Straw yellow with gold tints
  • Nose : Expressive, very fruity: lychee, exotic fruits, peach, pear. Floral: rose, violet, combined with varietal aromas.
  • Palate : Initially soft and round whilst still fresh and fruity (lychee and exotic fruits) with notes of violets, English sweets, a delicate dryness and excellent length.

  - Réalisation Koredge

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